Trotec’s lasers help Austrian subcontractors expand business

Laser cutting, engraving and marking company Laser Raum put their Trotec laser machines to daily use, with the speed and precision of the systems enabling an expansion of their product portfolio.

The two managing directors of Laser Raum encountered laser technology at an early stage. As a sideline to their jobs, the duo started their business in 2018 with an inexpensive laser to slowly familiarize themselves with the technology and explore the market. They quickly generated their first small orders from restaurants and hotels in the area and quickly realised that they needed to invest in a higher-quality laser engraver, which saw the transition to full-time service business in 2019 in Oberndorf in Tyrol, Austria. Their services range from consulting and development to the execution of customer orders.

Laser cutting, engraving and marking for various industries garnered the B2B company regional fame. They create individual customisations for hotels and the hospitality industry, produce case inserts for medical tools and create holistic solutions for facade signage of stores, while also taking on bespoke customer requests including embossed stamps, plaques, trophies and much more.

Quality laser marker replaces inaccurate entry-level laser
The founders were fascinated by laser technology, but their inexpensive laser engraver was too inaccurate and slow for its intended purpose. To be able to offer better quality to their ever-growing customer base, they set out to find higher-quality laser machines to replace the existing system. When the company was founded in 2019, contact was made with Trotec, with the SpeedMarker 300 laser marker the first system purchased, making the vision of becoming self-sufficient with laser technology a reality. From this point on, the Laser Raum team was able to fulfil more customer requests with higher quality results. The purchase of an SP500 laser cutter and with it, the expansion of their laser business soon followed.

A reliable partner and expert support
Trotec impressed the two managing directors of Laser Raum above all because of the service and the machine quality. Questions and concerns could always be discussed with experts on the phone and easily clarified in this way. The service hotline was usually able to provide quick and helpful answers, instantly, or would work to find the solution for the company.

The Trotec laser machines are in daily use, with the speed and precision of the systems enabling an expansion of the product portfolio. Laser marking, engraving and cutting applications are now realised faster and in higher quality. Quality is always the top priority for Laser Raum and their customers, with the team now meeting this criterion with their Trotec lasers.

Andreas said of his Trotec experience “The decision to switch to a Trotec laser was influenced by several factors: We wanted a competent contact partner we could rely on and whom we could reach quickly and easily if necessary. We were impressed by the intuitive operation of the machines and, above all, the laser software. Added to this comes the quality: with a Trotec laser we achieve more precise results in less time. The high-quality machines produced in Austria and competent contact persons who knew how to quickly answer almost all our questions with sound knowledge convinced us to partner with Trotec.

“The materials from Trotec are very high quality and perfectly suited for laser processing. We purchase various materials such as acrylic, veneered MDF and TroLase Reverse directly from Trotec. That’s where we can be sure that the price-performance ratio is right – quality and fast shipping speak for themselves.”


Contact: Sian Ferry