TRUMPF’s EdgeLine Bevel delivers more value to customers

The latest machine to arrive at The Laser Cutting Co (TLCC) is a high-performance TRUMPF TruLaser 5040 fiber flat-bed laser cutter that features EdgeLine Bevel.

This is a solution that allows users to bevel or countersink part edges automatically during the cutting process, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming secondary processes. According to TLCC, EdgeLine Bevel will represent a “strong addition to its existing customer offering”.

With origins that date back nearly half a century, TLCC has the capability to cut round and square tube, structural open sections, beams, and flat/bent metal components for customers throughout the UK. The company can also offer in-house bending, welding and sub-assembly, as well as having its own design team of CAD technicians, who provide the company’s highly effective and popular Smart Design Production service.

“We’ve been growing significantly since the pandemic, both in terms of our customer base and month-on-month revenue,” states Sales Director Charlie Day. “This prompted investment in the TRUMPF TruLaser 5040 fibre 10kW flat-bed laser, which positions us for further growth as we can now process a significant volume of work in comparison with our competitors.”
The new machine arrived at the end of February 2022, supporting the company’s ethos of investing in the latest laser technology every year and being the first to market. It is the second TRUMPF model on site, where it joins a TruLaser Tube 7000 CO2 machine, installed in 2020.

“One of our older flat-bed laser cutting machines was a 6 kW model from a TRUMPF competitor, which was proving slower than the general market demand,” says Mr Day. “The faster TruLaser 5040 fibre has provided a lot more capacity and is generally a much better machine. Our lasers are key to delivering on our short lead-time promises without compromising on cut quality.”
The TruLaser 5040 fibre features TRUMPF’s innovative EdgeLine Bevel function, which automatically inserts chamfers up to 45° and countersinks of various sizes, eliminating the need for secondary processes. The benefit: faster, more efficient, more flexible and simpler processes with fewer errors.

Says Mr Day: “We want EdgeLine Bevel because many of our customers request countersinking and weld preps. Whilst we can provide this service manually EdgeLine Bevel will prove to be much more efficient, accurate and productive. As a large proportion of our customer base is essentially fabrication, engineering and welding oriented, the ability to offer countersinks and bevels on all parts will provide us with an even stronger proposition.”

“Customers achieve approximately 50% time and cost savings on average through Smart Design Production” continues Mr Day, “and EdgeLine Bevel will have a similar positive impact on our customers. If they need to weld the part after laser cutting and require a bevelled edge, it will simply arrive at their premises ready to process. If they combine that with tube from our TruLaser Tube machines then suddenly they can have a whole kit of products from us, complete with all countersinking and weld prep work already completed. It’s a great addition to what our customers are requesting on a daily basis.”
Since installing its TruLaser 5040 fibre, TLCC has built its own mezzanine that sits above the machine to provide a platform for the resonator, cooler and other ancillary equipment, saving shop-floor space. The company has also installed a new jib crane to feed, load and unload quick-running jobs on full sheets.

“Among many benefits, the new machine allows us to cut thicker materials, up to 30 mm in mild and stainless steel,” says Mr Day. “We’re a 24/7 job shop so we have to be flexible: every component is different to the last. The new TruLaser 5040 fibre is proving incredibly efficient and providing a massive difference in productivity.”

According to Mr Day, the company’s strategy of continuous investment means there is plenty more growth in the pipeline.
“We’re still making big strides forward, which includes recruiting more sales staff and CAD technicians to ensure fast turnaround on both quotes and order processing,” he says. “In addition, we are emerging from a period of very volatile steel prices. However, during this period we’ve ensured we are offering steel prices accurate to market value, passing on our economies of scale to our customers who understand we get the best prices and they trust us to pass that on. We sent out a customer survey recently and the scorecard came back with nines and tens across the board covering aspects such as quality, service and reliability, which was really pleasing.”


Contact: Gerry Jones