Watt Laser adds AOI to its SE12 stencil machine

Watt Laser is proud to announce the addition of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to its SE12 stencil machine, furthering the efficiency improvements provided to SMT stencil manufacturers.

The Watt Laser SE12 is the ultimate companion machine for any stencil business, capable of laser structuring for adhesion, marking, engraving, texturing, welding, and now, AOI.

Inspection is the final procedure prior to a stencil being shipped to the customer to detect any clogged, misplaced, or missed apertures that could impact the printing performance of the stencil.

Watt Laser AOI uses high precision stages, combined with image processing algorithms to detect stencil apertures. This can then be compared with customer data, to ensure what has been manufactured exactly matches the data. The visible laser will highlight errors on the stencil to the operator as well as the user being notified through the software. If errors are detected, a rework cut file is created, this can be used to correct the stencil, without producing unnecessary waste.

AOI combined with the numerous laser processes possible on the SE12 allows a stencil manufacturer to double their productivity regardless of the age or brand of stencil cutter. The AOI system can be integrated into any MRP system for seamless tracking and production analysis.

Contact: Fraser Shaw