Coherent introduces new green lasers for marking applications

Green laser light is often an optimum match for marking semiconductors and plastics, compared to infrared lasers.

The high absorption in this wavelength domain results in high-quality, clean marks with minimised risk of thermal damage to underlying circuitry components.

However, green lasers are more sensitive to temperature changes than IR lasers and often require a chiller (i.e., water cooling) as a result. This need for a chiller increases both the cost and the carbon footprint of laser markers using these lasers.

Coherent’s PowerLine E 6 QS (AC) and PowerLine E 12 QS (AC) laser markers now avoid this trade-off by offering a choice of either 6 or 12 watts of pulsed (Q-switched) output at a wavelength of 532 nm, in a completely air-cooled format. In addition to the elimination of water and reduced number of sub-components, the PowerLine E 6/12 QS (AC) is easier to integrate, maintain, and service than typical water-cooled laser markers.

The PowerLine E 12 QS (AC) is also available in the PowerLine D format where 1 laser powers two scanners, by means of a beamsplitter. This configuration enables larger marking fields and up to 2X faster marking, all while operating as a single laser marker.

For system builders and production line integration

PowerLine laser markers are ideal for system builders and production line integration in any application where mark quality, aesthetics, and legibility are critical. The Visual Laser Marker (VLM) software allows straightforward implementation of complex tasks such as 3D marking on curved surfaces, on-the-fly marking, and mark serialisation.

Contact: Michael Batchelor