Croft Additive Manufacturing supports student placements

Croft Additive Manufacturing is delighted to share the positive impact of hosting a student placement.

Croft arranged a placement with Priestley College, Warrington, which formed part of student Noah’s T-level course. This new T-Level course format is offered by colleges all over the country and combines classroom theory, practical learning and industry workplace training. The placement spans a minimum duration of 45 days, during which, students engage in hands-on practical work that contributes to commercial objectives.

Welcoming students into the team at Croft has sparked creativity and infused the company with fresh perspectives. By providing practical industry experiences, Croft is not just shaping future talent, but also learning and growing itself.

Croft encourages business of all sizes to consider joining them in empowering the next generation of professionals through T-Level practical placements.


Contact: Louise Geekie