Oxford Lasers sign lease on a second industrial unit

Oxford Lasers is proud to announce the signing of the lease on a second industrial unit at Moorbrook Park in Oxfordshire. The company has enjoyed continued success over recent years, outgrowing its current unit.

Despite completing an impressive expansion of the existing site in 2019/20, further space was required to support the continuing growth in its micromachining and imaging markets. The new unit is identical to the existing premises in terms of size and is currently having the finishing touches applied whilst equipment is being migrated from the existing unit. The building will be the new home for the manufacturing, engineering and purchasing departments.

The current building will undergo yet another expansion, this time of the micromachining contract manufacturing department and development labs, which will take over much of the space that will be freed up by the relocation of the other departments.

Martyn Knowles, CEO of Oxford Lasers said: “I could not be happier, the availability of Unit 11, which is directly opposite our existing building, meant we could continue to expand without undergoing the upheaval that a complete relocation would have created. This was of particular benefit to our micromachining department as they have continued to ramp up production to meet our customers’ requirements whilst the expansion goes on around them.”

The availability of Unit 11 with its neighboring location was fortuitous and with the building having undergone recent refurbishment the staff at Oxford Lasers are able to move in virtually straight away, without the need for major works. Richard Morris, Manufacturing Director commented: “The new site is a welcome addition to the infrastructure and growing requirements of Oxford Lasers. We can now ensure that we have the space for both our equipment and our people.”

Unit 11 will effectively double the office and meeting room space for staff to have a comfortable, healthy working environment as well as increasing the stores and manufacturing areas two-fold. With the continued success that Oxford Lasers is enjoying, it’s only a matter of time before they will be ready for further expansion.

Contact: Martyn Knowles