The iCON 3: New small character coding laser by Macsa id

Macsa id has been developing lasers for coding and marking for over 30 years. The company introduced the iCON in 2008. It was the first laser coder to compete directly with inkjet systems and is characterised by being easy to install, easy to use and easy to service.

The first 10w coder was soon joined by a 30w model. The iCONnet came in 2012 and the iCON 2 in 2016. Now, Macsa has launched the iCON 3 with further improvements to make its installation, utilisation and service even more simple and user-friendly, while ensuring that the laser itself is even more reliable and durable than before.

The new handheld terminal is one of many important improvements delivered by the iCON-3. It is more than a touch screen: it is the user’s point of access to the power and full functionality of the laser and to information related to the production line.

The iCON-3 is much easier to use thanks to new, more intuitive software and visual aids in on-line video format with which anyone can master the iCON 3 quickly and without prior technical knowledge.


Contact: Neil Greatorex